Ablation Discussion

Hey Everyone,

There is lots of talk on the Heal SVT naturally private FB page about ablation and comments asking me to chime in. Here’s my philosophy…

Your SVT holds messages for you. Symptoms that you experience in your body are a form of communication. It’s our job to try to uncover the messages, symptoms and mysterious ways that our body is trying to speak to us. I became a dedicated detective and endlessly studied my symptoms, my diet, my episodes, my stomach, my bowel movements, and more to try to draw conclusions. I share those conclusions with our community freely to help give you the “cheat notes” on things to do that can help you draw your own conclusions and put you on the fast track to solving your own SVT mystery. This is part of my mission for my site.

While many of my personal discoveries apply to all of us, we also each have unique triggers. All of us may have an extra “pathway”, but something sets it off for each of us, on different days at different moments under different circumstances. I call these your SVT triggers. My philosophy is to reduce the triggers, eliminate them, and therefore reduce your SVT episodes and improve your overall health in the process. If we didn’t have “triggers” then we would be walking around in an SVT all day every day.

Thus my conclusion that SVT is a symptom of something larger. As such, I take a more “whole” view of it. My view is a whole body mind spirit approach.  To find recovery, I help people look for clues in the contributing areas. Those areas are: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic.

For some, changing your diet makes a huge impact, for others looking at stress, living a life you love, and what brings you joy makes the difference, for many it’s a combination of several things; all of which require dedication and attention. I was willing to change my whole life to hear and abide by my SVT’s messages.

We all have the same choices before us. We can go on medication, we can get ablation, or we can choose to try other things in addition to those or instead of those. The third being the more alternative path at this moment in time. My offering is to help keep you aware and in touch with the less obvious contributors and empower you to hear those calls. Your choice in the end is yours to make.

I believe that changing your diet, identifying your triggers, eliminating your food allergens, finding your heart joy, living a life you love, and so on, will all help you in a way that ablation alone will not solve.

I know that the natural approach works because it worked for me and if it works for me, then it can work for other people too. But the natural path requires change and dedication and may be the longer road. The type of lifestyle changes that produce a reduction in SVT require a change in habits, change in thinking, change in reactions, responses, and more. In our busy hectic lives, some people don’t have time for that kind of commitment to change.

Ablation is a choice, an option and I am thankful for western modern medicine. The days of one or the other are behind us. Real healing incorporates prevention, maintenance, and both holistic and modern approaches.

If you ablate, you may be getting rid of the extra pathway, but that doesn’t help you if your larger issue is inflammation or the like. If you have ablation, you may wind up thinking that it alone solves your problem, yet your body may still react to stress, or gluten, or sugar, but now it might be forced to find a different way to tell you that it doesn’t like those things…maybe it will find a new way to tell you, maybe it will be worse or better than your original SVT… I don’t know, but I do know that SVT is a barometer that tells you when you push yourself too hard for too long, when you ate something that wasn’t the right fuel for your body, and when you need to pay attention to an area of your life that you might not want to deal with. When we respect our SVT instead of fearing and loathing it, we can open to listening to it, honoring it, working with it…even shifting to a place of gratitude for it.

If you have truly done all of those things, and are still suffering, maybe ablation is the right choice. Only you know the truth to that question.

If you want to further study your triggers, your layers, your food choices, your stress, your problems that you need help solving, then I would LOVE to help you. I coach people from all over the world, it is truly amazing and I am truly blessed to help you. It is clearly the reason for my own SVT. I don’t question why I was called, I just do what I can to help others find the healing that we all so deeply deserve. My service feeds my heart joy and that alone is one of my secrets for staying in natural rhythm. Ablation definitely would not have brought me here. This is my path. What is yours? I can help you figure it out.

Xox Laura

Journaling Questions to Connect with your Purpose

Here are some journaling questions to write about to help you further explore the video topic of “Connecting with your higher purpose to make healthy choices!
  1. Journaling heart (2)What inspires me? 
  2. Do I support a cause? 
  3. How can I let my passion and inspiration for something bigger than myself, positively impact my food choices? 
  4. Do I feel connected to a life purpose? or several life purposes? 
  5. What do I think my life purpose or divine path is? 
  6. What are my skills and talents that I share with others? 
  7. Am I using these to help people and create abundance in my life? 
  8. What is the “work” that I feel called and inspired to do? 
  9. Can I slowly shift my life to service, one that feeds my own soul while also serving a higher cause? 
  10. Does this inspire me to take the best care of myself possible because I understand how needed I am on the earth at this exact time? 
  1. When I serve others, my Health improves 
  2. It feels great to put nourishing foods in my body 
  3. I eat slowly and only eat foods that serve my health and higher purpose
  4. I let go of foods that slow me down, weigh me down and that I am allergic to

xox Love + Healing,


Beet Salad

beetsSometimes simple foods are the best. This beet salad is so easy to make and will take you no more than 15 minutes total.

Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle function and of course, healthy heart rhythm) and manganese (which is good for your bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas).Beets also contain the B vitamin folate, which helps reduce the risk of birth defects”

Start with a bunch of beets, usually 3. These were on the large side. Then:

  • Peel them and cut them into whatever size pieces you like. The smaller the pieces the faster they will cook.
  • Boil for about 10 minutes.
  • Then, drain and add…
  • olive oil,
  • pink Himalayan sea salt,
  • garlic powder
  • and fresh parsley

So simple and fast, just how I like to cook! Serve warm and then the leftovers can be eaten cold.  Enjoy! xox

SVT Class tomorrow!

SVT class tomorrowTomorrow is the first on-line class devoted to helping you prevent and heal your SVT naturally.
“Self-care is the skill of nourishing your needs and creating loving daily routines that feed your body and soul. The result of these daily routines creates reserve, building up your body’s ability to withstand stress and depletion which are core contributors to accelerated heart.” 
Self-care is the cornerstone for avoiding episodes. When you are depleted mentally, physically, spiritually and/or nutritionally, SVT and other accelerated heart rate issues wreak havoc on our lives. Self-care is your first line of defense.
This class, the first in the series of year long classes, is devoted to helping you learn about all the things that are within your control to help you prevent and reduce episodes.
The class will be packed with valuable information about what type of self-care SVT responds best to, including some things that you can incorporate into your daily life to help build your reserve!
The Benefits of Class: 
  • It only costs $20.00 US dollars. A very inexpensive way to invest in yourself, your health, and learning about all the things that you can to elevate your health. These things work and matter whether you are on medication or not!
  • You will receive a free download before class with lots of valuable information!
  • You will receive a recording (video and audio) of the class to listen to again whenever you like!
  • You can ask me questions, plenty of time for Q + A
  • You can stay quiet and just listen, you will not be pressured to participate if you do not want to.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to offer this new platform of sharing information and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

You will receive a confirmation and then the link to attend prior to the class. If you have any questions, please email me anytime!

xox Laura

Self-Care for SVT

You are sensitive. Your energy is sensitive. Maybe more so than you have realized or acknowledged up until now. When you have an accelerated heart diagnosis, your heart is speaking to you. We can’t just quiet it down with medication or ablation. Maybe we can, but those messages that your heart are trying to send, will still come to you in another way eventually. Maybe one that is worse or better than a fast heart rhythm.

I am a Board Certified Spiritual Life Coach. That means that I help people infuse their life with more spirituality and self-care. I like to use those things as my first go to solutions to solve any problem because those things help address the root layers of things, and I am all about getting to the truth of things. Your SVT has a root layer. It may be rooted in depletion, it may be rooted in food allergies, it may be rooted in sadness, pain, anger, not living your joy or truth, or maybe a combination of all of them or ones I didn’t mention yet. Whatever the root cause, you will benefit from more SELF-CARE, and uncovering the truth about what your heart is trying to tell you.

What is self-care? Self-care is the art of creating daily routines that nourish you.  Self-care helps us build a life we love. Self-care helps us tap into our needs; acknowledge them so that we can respond to them. Self-care is what we do when we stop doing all the other things that we have been putting first or drain us or deplete us and we think we don’t have a choice about.

This January, I am beginning a yearlong series of classes for people with SVT. Each month will have a new topic. These classes will help you learn about ways to support your health, heal your SVT naturally and design a life that you love.

SVT makes us afraid. It leaves us with a burden, fear to live, travel, be alone and more. I want to help you take care of yourself in a way that does the opposite of those things. I want to help inspire you to create strong self-care practices that you LOVE and that you watch transform your life and health.

svt classWe all need more self-love and care. Your heart needs it. Mine does. Let’s take this journey together!

The first class is on Thursday Jan 21st at 12noon EST. The class will discuss Self-care for SVT. It will be held via zoom which is a super cool video conferencing virtual class room. You will get the link to enter before class begins. You will also receive a handout download with the content and a recording in case you miss it or want to watch it again. Cost is $20.00. Click HERE to register!  I hope to see you there!

Meet Me!

OK, so I’m a little slow with technology…but here is my first video! You can finally get to meet me and see what I look like & how I talk (hear my NY accent?) Anyway,  I am getting high tech!

On that note, I am introducing ZOOM classes. Another super high tech way for us to connect! Are you familiar with zoom? Its like a video conferencing classroom! The first SVT Zoom Class is on Jan 21st at 12 EST and will be about SELF-CARE for SVT. The class will be packed with valuable information about what type of self care SVT responds to best, including some things that you can incorporate into your daily life to help build your reserve!  Class costs $20.00 US dollars. You will receive a free download prior to class and of course a recording of the class to listen to again whenever you like! We will all get to see each other and meet! Lots of time for Q + A as well., so if you have specific questions for me, I will answer them. The class will last about one hour and a half..

To buy the class, CLICK HERE. Then you will receive a confirmation and then the link to attend prior to the class. If you have any questions, please email me anytime!

In the meantime, Hello self made video!


xox Laura

3 Slots for January left

Hey Loves,

If you have been thinking of working with me, I have 3 slots left for January. My book proposal is due on Jan 15th and the second half of the month is almost full already. If you want to learn more about alternative ways that you can heal your SVT, what your unique triggers are, want to listen to your heart messages, connect with your intuition, or align with your heart truth, I would LOVE to help you. The 3 slots left are for my accelerated heart coaching package. It costs SVT 3 Session (2)$255.00 for 3 one hour sessions. It also includes an analysis of the food and lifestyle tracker.

If you want to get serious about doing everything within your control to heal your heart, I am here for you and ready!

Book your session HERE or email me and I will send you the details. Lmadrigano@aol.com

xoxox Lots of Love and Healing in 2016

If you want to make sure you receive all my special offers, be sure to get on my email list HERE

Guacamole and Stool Samples

guacamoleLots of posts yesterday in the FB group from people who felt alone and frustrated with their SVT. Comments about how they were at holiday gatherings and not able to partake in what their peers or family were eating…things like bread and cheese or wine.

As a life coach, I spend 3 days a week in my office working with incredible people who come to me to help them change their life and learn new skills. People who are ready to pay me  to come sit on my couch and do the very hard work of looking in the mirror. It’s a brave path and one that not many are ready for.

Changing from a place of victimhood to a place of empowerment is no small feat. I didn’t know that I was a victim until my boyfriend told me. I was around 25 years old. He was a cool producer from Hollywood taking me to movie premiers, traveling, reading scripts and going to raw restaurants. Hollywood was ahead of NYC in many ways, people seemed seriously serious about their health. I learned how to make smoothies, what green power to use, how to look in the mirror and take responsibility for my choices, and how to be cool at a dinner party with Jim Carey. I learned how to get on the court and play instead of sitting on the sidelines complaining about my life. My boyfriend was harsh and taught with a bat, and while his message was needed and instrumental in my growth, I didn’t like his method of teaching (although it did work). We parted as friends. Today, I have him to thank for the fact that I have xray vision now when I hear people (or myself) talk like a victim. I know now exactly how I used to sound to him, and it’s not pretty.

Not being allowed to eat bread and cheese isn’t a punishment. Its ‘not something to feel sad about. They are foods from the SADD diet and they are killing us slowly. If you are avoiding them, you are lucky. If your friends or family don’t have SVT, they probably have something else. Everyone has something. If not today, then tomorrow. You would be doing them a service by serving them something else more healthy.

Learning how to like and serve other foods that don’t slowly cause diabetes, and autoimmune diseases is a good thing. How about Guacamole and non gmo corn chips, or delicious hummus and rice crackers, or lentil chips, or even potato chips if you want to eat something unhealthy. Maybe learning how to bake delicious corn bread, or gluten free bread made with oats and rice flour. How about serving veggies with one really incredible dip made from tahini and honey. How about serving bite size appetizers that you learn to make homemade or order on line or veggie burgers and a brown rice pasta option. You can even, spend time scouring the internet for the endless new wave delicious GF recipes that are out there or try taking Julie Montagu course that I posted last month that only cost 39.00 and teaches you incredible amazing ways to learn how to cook in a new cool healthy superfoods.

There is a big difference in paying someone to be your life coach vs. not paying to be your life coach. When people pay they are usually ready to hear the hard stuff. So if it feels hard to hear this, I know, because I have been where you are today.

If there is ONE gift I can give today, it is the message that you CAN go from being a VICTIM to feeling empowered and sometimes the only way to do so, is for someone to tell you when you are being a victim and help open you up to how you sound.

So take today, the last day of 2015, to cry about things. Be upset that you cant have bread, and that you have to take better care of yourself, and that your heart is fluttering and constantly feels like an SVT is going to happen. Feel as sorry for yourself as you need to for all day. Cry it out, punch a pillow, complain as hard as you want.

Tomorrow, I ask you to get over it. Tomorrow I ask you to thank your SVT for being so relentless in its mission to get your attention. Tomorrow I ask you to look in the mirror and be really honest with yourself about what you are eating or doing that could be contributing to your ill-health. Tomorrow start to search all the stores near you for delicious alternatives to the SADD diet. If you live in the US, Marshalls has the BEST assortment of chips, puffs, and crackers that I have seen, better than whole foods and more affordable. GF options are everywhere, not like 20 years ago when people really suffered with options.

Tomorrow I ask you to welcome 2016 as an EMPOWERED person who is happy that they are learning new ways to elevate their health. Tomorrow, I ask you to look at your energy and see if you are being a victim in other areas of your life and not just around food and SVT. The sooner you learn how to take responsibility for your health the sooner you can turn it around.

Oh, and one final note. If you are like me wasting years and money on bloodwork that continually offers very little direction, maybe it’s time to consider a stool sample instead. Stool samples give you the best information that you could ever ask for. They give you crystal clear direction on what foods to eat and what to avoid. They are specific to you. The best $800.00 investment of my life. And they have options that are half that price. 90% of the time blood work is rather pointless when looking for clues into your SVT. Your potassium will only be low the day of an episode, traditional Dr.’s don’t usually test for the things that would matter anyway.

Is 2016 your year to eat guacamole and get a stool sample? I hope so, because the world needs you, your family needs you, and you need you. There is NO one on earth who can take better care of you than you. You can do it, and when you do, you will begin to LOVE your LIFE again, or maybe even for the first time!

Lots of Love, Healing and Gratitude to you all.

p.s. If you want to work with me, I’m offering a new years special rate. $255.00 for 3 sessions and I will analyze your food and lifestyle tracker. Email me if interested. xox