SVT class april (2)The next SVT class is called SVT The Basics and will be on Tuesday April 26th at 4:30 EST.

In this class we will cover all the BASICS of SVT. Whether you are new to SVT or an old pro, this class will cover all the basic things that we all need to do every day to prevent episodes. From staying hydrated to ensuring daily bowel movements, to what supplements to take and more, this class will cover all the basics on how to live life free of SVT. to learn more or register for class click HERE

Introducing SVT Classes!

I am so excited to announce my new series of SVT classes for 2016! These classes will relate to several different topics, and will all be focused on practical ways help you HEAL YOUR SVT naturally, and improve your overall health and life!

group coaching (2)Classes are held online via a program called zoom which can hold up to 50 students per class. You can take these classes from ANYWHERE in the world!  They are live video conferencing classes, so you will be able to see me, as well as other class participants. It’s really an amazing technology, and I cannot wait to start teaching!

Simply choose the link for the class that interests you and click on it to register. ( I will announce new classes every few weeks) . You will be emailed a link for the class prior to the class with all the details and log in info. All classes will be recorded for replay capability. Each class will also have corresponding downloads with pertinent information. Classes are aprox 90 minutes each to allow time for Q+A.

The FIRST CLASS for 2016 is called SELF-CARE for SVT and is being held on Jan 21st at class12:00pm EST.

This class will focus on creating self care routines that serve and replenish you since one of the major contributors to SVT is being tired and depleted.

To register, click HERE

MORE class Topics coming in 2016

  • SVT The Basics- Tuesday April 26th at 4:30 pm EST Click here to register 
  • SVT prevention
  • SVT Diet Plan
  • SVT & Self-care
  • more!

Please sign up for my emails HERE to stay tuned for all upcoming classes and events.






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