Heal SVT Naturally is a website and resource for people with accelerated heart issues, especially SVT and POTS.

This site discusses natural and alternative approach’s to your SVT, that you may be interested in,  in addition to the traditional treatment options like medication and ablation, that you are receiving from your doctor.

My insights are for educational purposes and I am not a medical professional. I am just a woman and a mom with SVT who has found links between food, stress, emotions, sleep, depletion, hormones and other factors that I believe all contribute to SVT episodes. I am not on medication nor have I ever had ablation.

Many people with SVT experience frustrations with the lack of answers out there for us. As a possible solution to that dilemma, I created this site over 6 years ago to track my own progress and discoveries on my healing journey and share them with you, the world. I have used diet, stool samples, vitamins, lifestyle changes, healing old wounds from the past, journaling, self-care acupuncture, herbs, and many other natural modalities to make major changes to my own life and health. As a result, In the last four years I have only had 1 SVT and only because occasionally it is impossible to follow all of my own advice (like the night I had my second child).

This site is the number one site on google for people searching for natural ways to heal SVT and I am extremely proud to be a leader in the field of taking a WHOLE Body, mind spirit approach to SVT.

Aside from being a Mother to two beautiful boys, one of which I just had at age 43. I am also a Board Certified Coach who helps people heal what stops them from living a life they LOVE…and…as a small business owner for more than 20 years myself, I also help people start the small business of their dreams, and this usually happens when they begin to feel better and are in control of their SVT’s. If your SVT is in the way of you living a full life that you LOVE, then I know how you feel, and I know I can help you.

IMG_1731 (2)Visit my main website http://www.LauraMadrigano.com , or www.SVTcoach.com to learn even more about me!

Be sure to visit this page, specifically on Accelerated Heart Support on my main site.

I have a private coaching practice in Fanwood, New Jersey, USA where I see private clients, and offer group coaching, classes and workshops. I coach people via video skype from all over the world and offer a free 30 minute call for people who want to meet me and learn more! Book it HERE from anywhere in the world!

I have shifted my view of SVT to one of fear and misery to one of gratitude and a blessing. I devote countless hours of free time to this website, my article writing, my private heal SVT naturally facebook group and to talking to hundreds of people with SVT. I do so because I love helping people with this health challenge and feel called to serve in this area of life. SVT is a very undeserved community with little alternative information and it is my role to help people look at all the layers to SVT, the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

I am currently co-authoring a book called “The Accelerated Heart: The natural approach to healing SVT, Fibrillation, Arrhythmia, and related Anxiety.” with Dr. Peter Bongiorno from Innersource Health.

I know first hand how challenging having SVT can be, but I also know that there are so many things that you can do to feel better and still live the life you dream of. You have ONE life to live and I want to help you meet your full potential and live the very best life you can!

I am so glad that you found my site and I look forward to helping you elevate your health and listen to your hearts messages!

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      1. How do I become part
        of this..was just diagnosed with avnrt n suggested an ablation..im 40 yrs old n don’t want surgery please help..do u have doctors names n numbers in nyc?


    2. Hi there. I haven ‘undiagnosed’ SVT. It hasn’t been captured yet. I find my SVT is most prominent when I take Magnesium, Complex B Vitamins, Phosphate and large amounts of Calcium supplements. Sugar and caffeine for me are HUGE no no’s. Also from over exercising (cardio) and if I jump into the pool too quickly (must be water pressure). I also have found that disappointment and upset can bring it on too… Weird. I find that sitting on the ground quickly from standing usually corrects it, or putting my head under a cold shower.
      Recently I got diagnosed with a spleenic artery anuerism, which has since been removed as well as my gall bladder nine months later, and now pancreatitis due to surgery complications. Since the aneurism removal, episodes have been less frequent. I can’t eat burgers from the biggest burger takeaway outlet in the world (you know who I’m talking about). At first it was just the beef patties that made my heart skip beats and go out of whack, then the bread, then the chicken patties now the fish. I ate a burger from there recently and it took me four days to get over what felt like the adrenaline of going on a roller coaster. I also felt ‘hung over’. I believe that eating for your blood type and eating clean are definitely the ways to go, pretty much everything on your list. I’ve been monitoring this condition for 8 years now, but believe I had it through high school too, so for about 17 years. I have days where I feel like I’m going to pass out which I’m not sure is heart related, usually this bring on anxiety, and I have quite low blood pressure. Sucks a lot as I find it limits how far I want to go/holiday away from home/hospitals and has become a bit of a head wrecker. Anyway, I hope my story helps with what other people eliminate out of their diets.

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      1. Dear Tamika,
        For answers why calcium, magnesium, etc. can trigger your episodes, scroll down to my postings and read through them carefully. Minerals must be balanced, and one shouldn’t be guessing one’s needs without proper testing. IMO, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy with your present course of action.


  1. Laura, I just had my third SVT in 18 months this past Saturday and had to have adenosine. It was terrifying. I have been a gluten free low-fat vegan since January, but I cheated on my diet the night before my SVT and had some sorbet. I never eat sugar, but maybe this triggered my feeling off the next day and the SVT. Thank you for your blog. It’s nice to know that someone else is looking into a holistic approach to avoid these awful experiences. My last two SVT’s came the day after having diarrhea. the first one after having norovirus, the second one the day after a gallbladder attack. I also had my gallbladder removed three weeks ago, and I attribute being worn out from this and getting in the swing of things too early as a cause of my last SVT. I had cleaned five bathrooms at our church building the morning of and had been not only worn out from the surgery but sleep deprived from taking care of my sick 4 year old.

    I hope you keep posting your successes. Incidentally, the days I had my SVT’s were also the days I missed my magnesium. All of my blood work has been perfect, all three times, but reading from the the Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D. our cells can be deficient even though our blood is not showing it.

    Thanks again for caring enough to start your blog.



    1. Hi Debbie,
      Sorry to hear about your experience. As you said, you were clearly over extending yourself, a main “set up” for an SVT. Remember we cant 100% control when our body is going to have an electrical misfire…but we can control keeping our body (inner enviornment) strong. The way to do that is to REST, and take amazing care of yourself. The days of pushing yourself are over if you want to reduce your SVT episodes. (Cleaning bathrooms after surgery qualifies as drastically pushing yourself too far my dear!!!)

      Your story doesn’t sound like it ends there though…because you say you just had your gallblader removed….I really dont know much about that but something else is going on in your system to lead to that, and I would really look into the reasons that led to that for more clues on what you could do differently to help support yourself.

      Regarding diet….are you eating lots of quiona, cooked veggies and beans? Are you eating a balanced diet? GF vegan is the hardest diet to keep up especially when your exhausted. Make sure your not loading up on GF “dead” foods. Further, you may need to look deeper at your food allergies….When you say you felt “off” the day of your SVT….did you analyze absoultely everything you ate the day before….Write it down so eventually, (even if its 2 years from now) you can see correlations….The sorbet could be a possibility if you are normally 100% sugar free….otherwise I would be open to the possibility of it being something else you ate or a combo…maybe corn??

      Take care of yourself! Lots of water, minerals, himalayian sea salt, Greens, green vibrance, and most importantly…REST…DO NOT PUSH yourself!!!! Your body is crying out for some deep rest and you are the only one who can give it to yourself. Im sure EVERYONE in your life will understand that you need to clear your plate of all extra commitments for at least 6 months after surgery…especially with a 4 year old! I have a 5 year old and that alone with nothing else on earth to do, is a FULL TIME EXHAUSTING job. Give yourself a break! Remember the SVT is the final blast of days or weeks leading up to a toxic burden on the heart….you need to remove all the toxic burdens to keep your heart free and light. These burdens are emotional and from what we eat.

      So….on the days after an SVT make sure to go to sleep early, no sugar, lots of water and greens and cooked warm foods. Extra potassium, salt, and magnesium. All the best, thanks so much for sharing! I LOVE to hear your stories and deeply care about helping people understand that there is a deeper way to support SVT. Love and healing, Laura


  2. Thank you for your reply Laura and your kind and encouraging words. I have always been an overachiever. I have 7 kids, six of which are boys and a high powered husband who likes to keep going, and going, and going.

    I don’t know if I told you I have celiac’s disease, confirmed by a gastro doctor and endoscopy. I found right off the bat that the dead gluten free junk foods are no good for blood sugar, so I shop on the outer side of the grocery store.

    My gallbladder issues was definitely a result of a larger problem. I had four tremendously large stones made out of bilirubin which points to a low level of bleeding in the small intestine caused years ago by the celiac’s disease that was not diagnosed until two years ago. The stones probably formed when I was at my sickest several years ago, and I believe as I got healthier, my body, knowing it wasn’t functioning was trying to reject it.

    Shortly after the celiac’s diagnosis, I had an allergy test done (skin prick not blood which I need to get) on foods and found I was allergic to about 15 different foods. So, I really need to get the enterolab testing done through blood testing to make sure. I am on an elimination diet now, and I think the sorbet failed, :). I added back quinoa last Thursday and it was sooo good!

    I recently met a lady who had the enterolab testing done and she lost 40 pounds after she eliminated the allergen foods, felt like a million bucks, and she looked fabulous in her 50’s, beautiful skin, hair, and muscular.

    It’s interesting to hear you say I need a six month rest, because that’s what I feel like I need. My family is taking me more seriously now, but it’s a whole different mindset for all of us.

    I’ve got to add “no” to my vocabulary.

    After reading your story, I realize you have had a lot of experience with SVT’s over the years, and this is quite new to me, so I am really interested in your journey and how the changes you put in place work for you. It appears that they are working.

    Thanks again for caring, and starting up a community on the web for those who want to find other answers than the ones currently being offered.

    Have a great day!



    1. Hi Debbie, I hope you are feeling better and have make some progress with discovering and eliminating your food allergies and triggers….I can say that after being GF for 11 months, I have never felt better. I also lost weight…actually the weight just fell off…I am at least a solid 15-20lbs lighter than I was while eating gluten. After my pregnancy, I could not loose those extra pounds no matter what I did….When I went GF, it fell off without trying anything (after 5 years of being 15 plus pounds more than I wanted to be). I eat constantly now. Im hungry every 3 hours and I am at my perfect weight for my height and where I feel good….The best news is that I have not had an SVT since I cut out Gluten. There are so many other factors, like lots of water, sleep, D3, and more…Stay in touch, I would love to hear how you are feeling! Happy New Year!


  3. Nice to hear from you again, Laura. So much has happened to us since I wrote you last. My husband went with me to my follow-up appointment on 10/18/12 to the cardiologist and he mentioned to the doctor he was having chest pains. The doctor ordered an CTA antiography on him and he ended up with one blocked artery at 99% and another 100% being supported by collateral vessels. Talk about ramping up the stress in my already stressful life. It was then I realized that no matter what I had to take care of myself. The cardiologist told me that he was confident that my SVT was caused by my post surgery exhaustion. He said the heart has to pump faster when we are out of energy. You know, he’s right. All three of my SVT’s were after days of no good sleep.

    I made a very concerted effort while my husband has gone through two heart surgeries in the last 8 weeks to make sure I followed your guildelines, water, sleep, etc. And I did something I never do, I accepted help.

    Amazingly, I had one very small SVT, drank 40 oz. of water and it resolved immediately. I haven’t had anymore problems, except an occassional PVC since then.

    I will be flying to California in February and I’m nervous about having and SVT on the plane, but keep telling myself the doctor said it won’t kill me. He also gave me Metatoprolol to take on an as needed bases.

    I was able to get the EKG strips from the paramedics and the cardiologist read them and told me my SVT’s are not the dangerous kind. It really helps a lot to have him on my team, and to have the opportunity to call him whenever I get worried.

    I’ve started my own blog that chronicles the journey that both my husband and I are going with both of our heart issues at http://www.coronarychronicle.blogspot.com.

    By the way, your recipes look wonderful. I am now following a low-fat plant based diet and am feeling sooo much better and both hubby and I are losing weight. Where we were both obese, he and I are both just 10 pounds overweight now.

    Sometimes we have to go through really hard things for things to get much better. I am a much happier and much stronger person now than I was three months ago. Thanks for your blog and your advice and I’m glad you are doing better too.


  4. I’m a retired optometrist who’s had an interest in nutritional and holistic healing since 1976. I’ve learned to think in terms of “What is the body trying to accomplish and am I going to help it or interfere with its internal wisdom?” by doing this or that.
    With respect to heart arrhythmias the heart must have the proper balance of minerals to beat regularly. Two of the more important and neglected are magnesium and copper. A blood test is not an accurate indicator of your body’s stores of minerals. Blood tests are but a snapshot in time and can vary from hour to hour. Trace mineral analysis through tissue sampling (hair, for instance) is a “videotape” of what’s going on in your body over the last 4-6 weeks.
    By balancing your minerals you’re giving your body the building blocks it needs for repair. (Those of you with an arrhythmia shoudn’t run out and buy copper and magnesium and start experimenting for you can easily worsen your condition. The key word is balance. This is best done with the help and advice of a holistic practitioner, such as a naturopath/chiropractor/M.D./D.O. who can do an evaluation with the help of a hair analysis.)
    Most M.D.’s are not schooled in balancing minerals and will treat these problems with drugs and surgery. Proceed with caution. Seek out practioners who know how to cooperate with your body rather than start a war within it. It’s a safer and gentler approach and the only one that offers a true cure. Remember the old adage “Nature cures and the doctor pockets the fee”. G.B.


  5. I agree with much of what you have said Dr. Blagoue, but if others who are reading this blog are like me, they have already done what you suggest. My holistic doctor diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue, wanted to throw a bunch of expensive herbs at me and wanted me to increase my fat intake.

    Instead I did the opposite, went on a low-fat plant based diet, and made sure I was drinking plenty of liquids. Fatigue disappeared, anxiety, disappeared, and the ability to sleep returned.

    My healing came from listening to my body, researching the right amounts of minerals that we should take, making spreadsheets of what I am eating, and what the RDA and UL amounts of each vitamin should be, analyzing those amounts against what I am actually taking in, dealing with the damage done by my celiacs disease, and much, much prayer, and listening to inspiration.

    According to the Linus Pauling Institute supplementing with 320 mg. of magnesium for women is harmless, so I started to make sure I took that much everyday, the glycinate type, and made sure, through food, not supplements, to get my RDA of potassium, especially through drinking low sodium V8 juice, and eating bananas and potatoes everyday. Problem solved. SVT’s have not haunted me in six months, and PVC’s are way down.


    1. Congratulations on taking charge of your health. Glad you’ve had a positive result. Your remarks regarding my posting, however, indicate you really didn’t understand the cautionary points I was making. My suggestion was to consult with a qualified professional and have HTMA (hair trace mineral analysis) performed prior to taking ANY minerals, and I will stand by that statement unequivocally. Despite the Linus Pauling Institute’s claim (quoting you) that “320 mg.of magnesium/day is harmless”, if one knows ANYTHING about mineral balance and how the level of one mineral will affect the ratios of several interacting minerals, one would have to be a fool to take any mineral on a hunch or recommendation from a best friend/relative/etc., especially if one has an arrhythmia. No matter how “harmless” you think a mineral may be, if your level of that mineral is already elevated in relation to corresponding minerals, you’re going to throw that imbalance off even further by taking something to excess. An excellent example of this is calcium supplementation. If you can defer to a doctor who has reviewed hundreds of thousands of hair analyses, I will quote him here; “Only about twenty per cent of the U.S. population requires calcium supplementation. For the remainder, extra calcium is actually harmful.” How many Americans are told to take calcium daily “just in case”? And is it stemming the tide of osteoporosis? The answer to that is a resounding NO, the reason being your bones need many different minerals, not just calcium.
      You mention you were diagnosed with “adrenal fatigue”. That to me is only a symptom and correctable through HTMA and mineral balancing, preferably via temporary supplementation and long-term dietary changes. You also mentioned having “celiac disease”. In my experience that condition results from a wheat allergy. As far as the “RDA’s” you follow, they’re a joke and should not be taken seriously. The Good Lord didn’t design a body with an owner’s manual requiring a Ph.D. in nutrition.
      Fortunately, though, He did put Good Samaritans on the planet to help us when our bodies are overwhelmed do to our excesses and bad habits. I would recommend you seek one out, for I doubt your recovery is going to be permanent, especially if you continue taking your “harmless” dose of daily magnesium.
      And I would caution anyone tempted to follow your well-meaning advice (unless you can assure them their body chemistry is identical to yours) to seek out a dedicated practitioner As in any “profession” there are good ones and not-so-good ones. Can’t help you there. Do your own thorough investigation before entrusting your precious health to someone. (Hint: If the waiting room is large and full and the practitioner spends little time interviewing you, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. Also, your chosen health person should walk the walk and appear energetic and younger than their years.) G.B.


  6. Thank you for doing this blog! I am suffering from svt and so far they have been unable to catch one on an ecg/ekg. I have a stress test tomorrow. Echo was all normal. I hate having these episodes so it helps to know I am not alone! Thank you!


    1. Michele, I’m sorry you are also dealing with SVT’s. I’m sorry to say that unless you get an EKG while you are having an SVT, you’re doctor won’t be able to tell what kind heart arrhythmia it is, but a stress echo is a very good idea because if you find you have a structurally normal heart, and if you can get the SVT’s on EKG and find you have SVT and not some other type of arrhythmia, it will calm you down to know that your heart can handle them, and that they are “benign”. What I did to find out, was expensive, but when I had my third SVT, I called the paramedics. They put me in the ambulance and got me on EKG during the episode. Then I had the strip sent to my cardiologist. If you can get to an Urgent Care during an episode, you can do the same thing, but I have found that just the very act of distracting myself by getting in the care and traveling to Urgent Care has helped my heart convert to normal rhythm.

      Hence your comment, so far they have been unable to catch one on EKG. If you read my reply to doctor George Blogoue, you will see that I’m thinking my SVT’s are being caused by an irritable vagus nerve and this coincides with what the Urgent Care doctor told me Friday.

      He said, and I quote…..”Some people have a lower threshold for seizures, which are epileptics, and some have a lower threshold for SVT’s. Anyone can have an SVT, but people like you have that lower threshold and any irritation of the heart can trigger it.” That turned on the light bulb for me….maybe it’s vagus nerve irritation from my sick stomach. The vagus nerve travels through the whole torso, and affects many organs, and irritation in one part of the torso could trigger irritation in another part. I’ve written a few posts on the blog I set up to chronicle the experiences my husband and I have had with our separate heart problems. Although mine is not a “heart problem” but an electrical problem. http://www.coronarychronicle.blogspot.com I have several posts on my SVT experiences. Laura’s posts are also very helpful. I would have lost my mind without her sharing her experiences.


  7. Well put doctor. One thing I have learned there is a vast and wide universe that each person has which they obtain from their study and experiences. I couldn’t possibly tap into all that you know, and you couldn’t possibly tap into all that I know, even if I don’t have letters behind my name.

    This page is not for medical advice it is for sharing what we have experienced. The amount of solutions out there are also vast and wide, and it doesn’t hurt for someone to look into your ideas.

    My chiropractor for instance, is an ART specialist, and a functional medicine doctor. He told me to deal with my adrenal fatigue by getting my cholesterol up to a higher level. I took his advice and ended up with my gallbladder removed with four of the largest stones the surgeon had ever seen and my husband ended up, following the same diet, with two emergency stent put in. He has many letters behind his name, and takes many classes, and I chose to follow his advice without doing my own research and paid for it. I am now going the opposite direction and feeling better.

    Now, with all of that, my solution of last week, I humbly admit, did not work, and even if you hadn’t pinned me on your last post, I would have reported it here for the benefit of Laura’s readers. We want to help each other out with this unnerving condition. I ended up having an SVT I had the day after my comment to you. The first one in sixth months.

    I had no sleep the night before, had a stressful day with my five remaining children at home, and as far as my comment to you, I feel like I am now eating crow.

    One thing you are misinformed on is celiacs disease. It is not just an allergy to just wheat, it is an allergy to gluten. Many, many grains have gluten, and several other foods grown next to gluteny grains, like lentils, and split peas have gluten due to cross contamination.

    The day before my SVT on Friday, I had been glutened and suffering from diarrhea. This messed with my vagus nerve. I know when my vagus nerve is irritable because I can feel it from my lower abdomen right up through the center of my head.

    With this sixth SVT in my life, I have now solidified the triggers, no sleep, being glutened, having diarrhea, and stressed out. The SVT’s despite my desire to get proper nutrition, are random, and I’m learning that I can’t always prevent them, although they are becoming less frequent, but I can learn how to deal with them, which my support team, i.e. cardiologist, family practice doctor, and family are helping me with.

    So what if my minerals are not off, and it’s just the gluten causing irritation of the vagus nerve through the stomach causing the trouble? If so, and I think so, than we are off track.

    The Urgent Care doctor said that all people are at risk for SVT, but there are some who have a lower threshold for them. This made me realize that there could be tantamount reasons to lower that threshold, not just mineral deficencies, and I need to focus more on learning how to deal with the random nature of these attacks, and get more rest, as well.

    I know that stomach upset has always accompanied my attacks, and my efforts to discover vitamin or mineral imbalances may never change the fact that I must not get glutened.

    I understand what you say that going over the limit on magnesium could happen even when your only taking 320 mg. of magnesium, if your magnesium is very high but Carolyn Dean, M.S. says that is very rare. Carolyn Dean, M.D. has written a book called the Magnesium Miracle says that you can also test your magnesium with a blood test that test the level in your red blood cells, not just serum. I have wanted to get that test, but it’s too expensive. Celiacs have a lot medical bills, not only related to SVT. She also helps you to know who to tell if you shouldn’t take it, and when it’s not indicated. And there are symptoms that tell you if you have enough magnesium in your system.

    Celiacs is not caused by just a wheat allergy. It’s caused by an autoimmune disorder that causes leaky gut syndrome and when the gluten molecule from one of the many sources, gets past the blood-brain barrier, it causes all kinds of neurological problems, including problems with the vagus nerve which controls the stomach and the heart, which is why, I’m thinking, after last Friday, I’m having SVT.

    A mineral deficiency may or may not play into that, but I know, for myself, that the days I forget my magnesium, I have more trouble with the heart rhythm. This page is not for medical advice, its for sharing what works and what doesn’t for individuals who are dealing with the same things.

    What drew you to this page and learning about SVT’s anyway? I find that even the medical personnel, except the doctors really even know what an SVT is. I’m intrigued on what got you started on considering the topic.

    On the Internet we can find whatever we advice we want, for and against which is always intriguing to me.

    Laura’s sharing has helped me a lot, just knowing another person who suffers and what is working for her is a huge help. Her posting what she has learned has helped me a lot.


    1. I’d like to recount my one experience with an SVT patient (have had several with arrhythmias but only one certified SVT). I was tempted to give magnesium until the trace mineral results arrived, but resisted. Good thing, as her magnesium levels were four times the ideal and I would’ve worsened her condition. She’s followed the diet and supplement suggestions and been free of any episodes for over four months (the last one was also the most severe, resulting in an overnight hospital stay in early April) .
      To summarize my viewpoint on SVT as well as any other medical condition you can imagine, on a cellular level there are many minerals inside and outside your cells which must be present in certain proportions for those cells to perform properly. When an imbalance in your mineral levels occurs, organs no longer function optimally and your body as a whole suffers. Does it make sense that balancing the minerals should be your first priority? Not only does this method address the underlying cause, it is also the safest, most affordable path.
      Many sufferers mention “food allergies” or “stress” as a trigger and, in a roundabout way, they’re right. But it’s the mineral imbalances produced by the diarrhea from eating the allergen / depletion caused by stress that’s the real culprit. If you want to chase symptoms, continue consulting practitioners ignorant of the importance of mineral balancing (including those who use a blood test to check mineral levels).
      Only a tissue sample can reveal your body’s reserves of necessary minerals and the presence of toxic ones.
      One final thought….it may very well be HARMFUL to take any mineral or vitamin that helps to utilize a mineral, such as vitamin D, without first confirming the need for that mineral through trace mineral analysis. Of course, that’s only my humble opinion. But one I can defend. G.B.


  8. I firmly believe that if you give the body what it needs (i.e.; balancing the minerals, for instance) most conditions fade into the sunset.
    Although I’ve offered what I believe to be sage advice on how to go about ridding yourself of SVT, I’m amazed to see that most of these posts continue to contain stories about going to various “specialists” for this or that test which will do absolutely nothing to cure the condition.(Definition…”specialist”: One who knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing.) If you have a problem concerning nutritional balance why would you see someone who’s had little or no education in the subject and whose profession has pooh-poohed the idea that what we eat has little to do with our ailments? Believe it or not, I’ve helped people get over everything from atrial fib to infertility. A common problem with many these days is frequent urination. Men are led to believe the problem is an enlarged prostate but balance their minerals and presto, the problem disappears. Had an R.N. (teacher of nutrition courses to aspiring nurses ) with “interstitial cystitis” of several years’ duration. She had to urinate every twenty minutes, went in for painful cortisone shots every six months, and traveled by car wearing a diaper so she didn’t have to stop so often. I didn’t know much about the condition but DO know how to interpret what the body is lacking in general. Long story short, she was over her problem in less than six months. My most recent case of atrial fib was a lady who, while driving, had an attack serious enough to pull over and call her husband. He took her to the “best” cardiology hospital in the area and called me for my opinion. I told them that the heart requires certain minerals to beat regularly, and if one or more are lacking or out of balance, arrhythmias result (don’t have to be a genius in this field, do you?!) They saw the wisdom in the advice and checked out a day later with a diagnosis but no treatment. They tried giving her two medications that night but she refused stating, “I’m only here for observation, and I haven’t had time to research these medications”. They brought in the prescribing Dr., who was also unsuccessful in convincing her. Later, the head cardiologist made his rounds, noting aloud “I see that such-and-such medication was ordered for her”. He was told, “Those meds are on hold”. (no mention of refusal by the patient being the reason) His reply was, “Well, that’s probably better because this one could cause complications and could even be fatal.” Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? BTW, it’s been nearly three months and she’s had no further episodes since beginning the “GIVE THE BODY WHAT IT NEEDS AND IT WILL HEAL ITSELF” program. I’ve had many interesting cases, some quite exotic, but the treatment follows a similar path. Sometimes it’s detoxification (try telling your typical M.D. you think your problem is due to accumulated toxins). And BTW, you don’t have to have numerous letters behind your name to be educated. One of the wisest people in the field of natural healing, IMHO, was T.C.Fry. Read his writings and ideas. The initials T.C. stands for Thunder Cloud, as he was a native American. May have had an honorary degree or several but had more common sense and genius than most medical school faculties. I’d like to tell you how an optometrist became interested in holistic healing, but I’m out of time. (forgot to mention that I think your SVT episodes following intestinal upset are due to the diarrhea, which would logically deplete essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper, etc. G.B.


    1. Dear GB, I would welcome the idea of you writing a blog post for svt sufferers about how to find a Dr. that tests for balancing the minerals, how to balance the minerals, what type of DR.s do this, what to look for etc….Please email me off line at Lmadrigano@aol.com if you are interested…thank you!


  9. Dear Deb,
    I’m back to cover a few points I didn’t have time to address. First, thank you for your frank admission that the protocol you’re following may not be the total answer. This will go far in helping others choose the right path to wellness. Second, you’re absolutely correct….I should have said “gluten allergy” rather than the more archaic “wheat allergy” since it appears gluten is the offending allergen. I appreciate any criticisms as I want to put forth the most correct, concise, and clear information possible.
    After my last post it dawned on me how I discovered this website. I was researching superior ventricular tachycardia to see if there were any clues to whether it needs to be treated holistically any differently than other forms of arrhythmia. I employed the same methods in the above case, which I incorrectly stated was atrial fib and now recall it was actually SVT. (I’ve had a other arrhythmia cases and got her confused due to a “senior moment” or, as we prefer to call it, an “intellectual interlude”).
    I’d like to make one final suggestion to those diagnosed with SVT. I wonder if the time,
    effort, and money necessary to capture an actual event via EKG may be better spent
    having an HTMA done and following the diet/taking the recommended supplements?
    I also feel that the “lower threshold” the Dr. described to you is simply another way of saying your mineral reserves are borderline, and when you have a stressful situation and your body must call up these reserves, the stores of minerals necessary for a regular heartbeat are temporarily depleted, provoking an episode of arrhythmia. (I always look for underlying causes and try to explain the body’s reactions/symptoms in terms of common-sense physiology and then cooperate with it.)
    At the conclusion of an excellent two-day seminar on nutrition in 1976, the main speaker closed with a quote from the Journal of the AMA (Aug. 1973, I believe). The editor wrote a column concerning the need for his profession to spend more effort investigating problems from the standpoint of mineral balance and ended with, “Gentlemen, we are at the mercy of the minerals.” It’s been forty years and his admonition is still being ignored.
    A final thought—-before you submit to treatments/testing/etc. ask yourelf if the underlying causes are being addressed or if they’re only chasing symptoms. There are many rabbit trails one can go down that may delay recovery and leave you destitute.


  10. I had my physical last month, and the doctor said my Vitamin D was dangerously low. She prescribed Vitiamin D3 400 IU, and my hair has stopped falling out, my nails are not breaking anymore, and my PVC’s are nearly gone. Maybe this has been my trouble all along. At least, it’s the only thing identifiable by the medical community that is off. So glad to have someone to vent to and bounce things off of. Debbie


  11. Dear Laura,

    Thank you so much for the blog. Now, I get to see better why I have such thing. It was so scary to me as I am an international student living abroad alone and experienced this last month. I was sent to ER alone without anyone. 😦 The Dr. said it might have been because I got diarrhea the night before the episode. I am glad you post it and that at least gives me some emotional support. I can’t tell my family because I believe they will be too worried. I hope by looking after myself and eat healthy food, I won’t experience it again.


    1. Thank you for sharing your story! Yes, the diarrhea may have brought it on because it depletes your body of essential minerals. My question would be WHY did you have diarrhea in the first place?…did you eat something bad? Do you normally have loose stools ( a telltale sign of a hidden food allergy), the real clue is in what was going on a day or so before the diarrhea because something was already going haywire…Each of us have different triggers….Make sure you are eating enough iodine, and other essential minerals. They sell liquid minerals that you can add to water and smoothies. Drink your greens! and don’t eat foods or alcohol or sugar that depletes us. Obviously your body is sensitive and is trying to tell you something…just try hard to listen to what it is saying to YOU!!! Did the ER give you a shot of adenosine to stop your SVT? or were you able to stop it on your own? Try to stop it on your own next time so you don’t have to go to the ER. Try to “bear down” and push like you would if you were having a real bowel movement, and if you are near a bathroom, actually try to have a bowel movement…that usually breaks an SVT. Also if you feel one starting, immediately start to blow air super hard into your cupped hands. You can also try a yoga posture shoulder stand, or laying chest up hanging off the side of a bed. and don’t let up trying to stop it sometimes its takes 20 minutes or so…still better than going to the ER. Also, to really tune it to the messages of your own body, was there anything you were ignoring prior to the SVT? Were you tired? overworked or pushing yourself just too hard? Did you sleep enough and eat right? I’m sure your body was giving you some other clues to listen to before the SVT happened that were trying to tell you to either “slow down”, or rest, or that “Im depleted”! Just try to be as honest as you can with yourself because that way you will really listen to your body next time and put the brakes on before an SVT occurs…Its all about prevention!!! Feel free to write anytime, Im always here to listen and reply! A good affirmation for you would be “I am safe” and ” I know how to tune in to my body and give it what it needs”, Say those over and over every day to yourself….All the best to you, write anytime, love and healing, Laura


  12. Hey Laura,

    Here’s an update from me. I remember saying your last SVT was when you moved. I moved two months ago, and guess, what? I had an SVT. Stress (and anger as I was angry the day of that SVT) is definitely the trigger for me.

    I am happy to say I have not had an SVT in two months. This is the longest SVT period I have gone since July. I’m doing my best to keep all of the “cardinal rules” and am glad to have them concisely listed on your web site.

    I was plagued with a large amount of PVC’s during those weeks from July to September when I was also having trouble with SVT’s. Despite my admission that magneisum might not help, I had a new experience with it helping me. I was led to change to a new brand, and that did the trick, as I am now using magnesium gycinate in a more pure capsule form instead of tablet, and I can tell a huge difference. My PVC’s went down, and I’m SVT free since then, and muscle cramping is virtually gone.

    The decrease of the PVC activity tells me that my focus on minerals, which was the only tangible change in the routine that I made, is a very helpful focus, but I now also know two things, I must get my sleep, and I must not get angry with people. Every SVT has been triggered, for me, by anger. What a mood regulator that knowledge has become.

    I know this is not a trigger for all people, but for me, it must have to do with the stress hormones produced during anger.

    I wanted to post in my reply my new routine for converting, because I had a lot of practice this last summer. As you might remember I couldn’t convert in October 2012 and had to have two adenosine pushes, but in the last year I have learned a new technique that has helped me 100%.

    First let me say that all of the vasal vagal maneuvers only make the SVT’s ramp up for me. What I do is take a magnesium capsule, drink 12 ounces of cold water, and then go lay down on my side and try to think of something funny or happy. When I do that I can convert in less than 15 minutes, and my last conversion was under a minute. It felt empowering. For the first time in 1 1/2 years I feel like I can do normal things again, like exercise away from home, drive to other cities alone, etc.

    Best wishes to you and all of your readers as you work on creating a support avenue for others suffering from this condition.


    1. Magnesium may appear to be the answer for you at the moment, but continued usage will eventually build Mg++ levels in excess, upsetting ratios with other important minerals crucial to a regular heartbeat.
      Beginning in April 2013 I posted several comments relating to the importance of mineral balance with SVT and every other “health problem” you can name. I’m wondering if any of them were read?
      I’ve come to the conclusion that forums/support groups/etc. must serve some other purpose (misery loves company) or there would have been numerous replies to my comments. It would appear free, unsolicited advice is not valued. I’ll stick to helping those who pay me for my services, as most tend to follow my suggestions to the letter and appreciate my time and knowledge. When you tire of dancing around the problem and want to address the cause, you may want to read those above-mentioned comments before they’re deleted. Good luck. You’re going to need it.


      1. GB.
        I want to thank you for your posting. It is very easy to throw minerals and suppliments at SVT. I too am scared to travel far and am afraid to be alone. My last episode was about 2 weeks ago. I had to be taken by ambulance to hospital with hb of 220. I was losing my mind. I’m a very active person so this as you can imagine has slowed me down. Thank you for your postings, they do not go unappreciated.


    2. Deb, I was wondering if you take magnesium on a daisy basis or just when you’re having an episode? You mentioned muscle cramps. I’m getting cramps in my calves during the night. Im thinking that maybe my magnesium level is down which can account for some episodes that I’ve had recently.


      1. I ALSO get cramps in my legs or feet prior to having an SVT!!!!! I think it might be LOW IRON, as it happens when I have plenty of cal mag, and other supplements. I bought a liquid iron supplement called Floradix that I take occasionally and I think it helps with the cramps and avoids an SVT. This is another CLUE that WE need to figure out and thread together!!!!!!


  13. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, cures and recommendation.

    I just thought I’d let you know my experiences.

    My first episode of SVT started 6 years ago when I had a week of stress and got into energy drinks (I found I liked the taste). In the first 6 months after this week I was having issues every single day and for some strange reason it would often start in my sleep and I would wake up with my heart pounding, pins and needles in my arms and legs, and a pounding headache. I think when we switch from normal sleep into REM sleep there are hormonal changes that were probably triggering it. My doctor at the time thought I was having panic attacks…but I wasn’t…

    In general I have always eaten well, done lots of excercise and have never drunk much alcohol (a glasses or two a month). Personally, I’m convinced that the week of stress and caffine (energy drinks) overloaded some of the nerves in my heart and if it wasn’t for this, I would never had suffered SVT. Before that week I had never had any heart issues. After this week I was having issues every single day. I tried every natural remedy I could find, I was making smoothies every day, eating salads, avoiding caffine (including chocolate), doing relatation excercies, etc… Even though this reduced the SVT frequency, nothing would stop it happening on at least a monthly basis – the damage was done. Personally I’m convinced that the increase in heart speed and rhythm problems in the nation is linked to the increase in high caffine drinks. I tell my family and friends to treat caffine and alcohol in the same way – to have a sensible limit. If the damage done is to severe, like in my case, it cannot be undone.

    By 18 months ago I was going into A&E 3-5 times a week (I had my heart stopped twice in one day once by adenozine), so they put me on Beta Blockers (Bisoprolol). This gave me a couple of very unplesant side effect, the worst being very vivid nightmares. It also couldn’t handle the SVT. If I took enough to stop the SVT happening, it made me too breathless to do anything. If I had a lower dose, the SVT would happen anyway. In the end I had an Ablation operation a year ago. This made the SVT worse. 8 months ago I had a second ablation operation where the cardiologist did a much more extensive ablation. He overcooked some of my nerves and I then needed a pace maker. I’m still having heart issues, less SVT and more general heart speed issue, so I’m now trying some different Beta Blockers.

    I like a holistic approach to life and where SVT is concerned, it definately helps, and for those with mild SVT it may be like a cure. However if your SVT is triggered as easily as mine was a holistic approach will help, but not be a cure. For anyone reading this I say “significantly reduce your caffine intake to a maximum of 2 cups of tea a day, or 1 higher dose caffine drink” otherwise you may end up with permanent heart speed or rhythm problems like me…

    Just a few thought,


    1. You state: ” …a holistic approach will help, but not be a cure.” NEWSFLASH!! Taking every natural remedy you can find and drinking smoothies daily is not a holistic approach. Did you consult a holistic practitioner to determine your body’s mineral levels? I’d bet not. Two ablations and a pacemaker prove your approach isn’t working. ( Though this comment may not see the light of day, someone needed to say it.) GB


      1. Hi GB. Why the hostility? I go see holistic practioners all the time. I would love to have my minerals tested. Who had 2 ablations and a pacemaker? NOT ME!!!! I already know ablations dont work. Your preaching to the choir. If you think mineral testing is the way to go, I asked you to write a guest blog about it years ago without reply. Would love a helpful article about it. If interested in authoring one, email me at Lmadrigano@aol.com Thanks!


  14. I love this
    I have been having heart palpitation for 30 yrs. My Dr says its svt. Now they come more often 120 °180 beats last for up to 24 hrs
    I neen help


  15. Hello Laura,
    I am an acupuncturist who is working with a client experiencing SVT. The efficacy of Chinese Medicine is largely due to treating each unique patient individually, so there is rarely a catch-all answer to any medical issue. However, I am curious what Chinese Medicine strategies your acupuncturist has employed. Herbal medicine as well? I would be grateful for any info you or s/he would be willing to pass along.
    Thank you, and big kudos for your efforts to share in educating others about holistic medicine.


    1. Hi Alison. Sorry that it took me a while to write back…Im 9 months pregnant and Im a little slower these days!!! Yes My acupuncturist did give me herbal medicine as well (except for currently during my pregnancy). I can’t tell you the formula, because I don’t really know it, and he also changed it frequently depending on my symptoms and progress…I do know that there was dragon root?? and at one point even antelope bone. Usually we were working on bringing things “down” and trying cool my excess heat. I was treated for heart yin deficiency, and excess heat among other things (and even eventually old lyme disease from when I was 12 years old!). I love acupuncture and believe it helped with my overall healing in general and not just my SVT. I went steady for over 2 years every week and felt years of unresolved emotions move around and come up and out. I don’t talk about that part of my experience that much, but I healed many many old emotional traumas and sadness from my past during the last few years of my life while going to acupuncture and really do think it had something to do with all the energetic movement that was deeply stored in my body. Sometimes during a treatment I would think of something that I hadn’t thought of in years…and I knew it was moving around to heal. I honestly don’t know if others have that experience. I saw my greatest results with my SVT when I changed my diet and eliminated gluten and I firmly believe that food allergies and overall eating habits contribute to SVT. But again, for me, healing is always a combination of the many many things I did overall. I have some other areas of Chinese medicine that don’t specifically work for me…like “white rice”…it simply constipates me and I can only eat brown. I understand that in chinese view it easier to digest and hence “better” but again it juts doenst agree with me. I always strongly suggest every person just follow their own instinct for healing and that its not necessary to adapt every aspect of a healing theory, only the ones that work for the individual. There is no one method that is right for everyone but always gentle combinations of everything. My acupuncturist also taught me to press down in the centers of my feet and palms to help bring my energy down if I was starting to feel things moving up toward my heart, that always helps. Occasionally my practitioner would do “letting” on me which also seemed to help. I relate heat to anger and believe that old anger also causes and contributes to SVT so while working on the physical, I believe it working on the emotional as well and trying to face our anger and let it exist and heal. My acupuncturist is Ross Rosen in Westfield NJ if you want to check out his site its http://www.acupunctureandherbalmedicine.com/ He used traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis and is excellent and reading pulses for the initial visit for an overall assessment and then before each treatment he reads it to see how to treat for the day. Best of luck to you and blessings for the healing work you are doing! Im sure you are helping a lot of people on their healing journeys, All the best, Laura


    1. Cured…Well, I wouldn’t use the word cured, because if I don’t follow all the things that I write about, I am sure they would come back. The best I can do is compare myself now to myself about 5-7 years ago…and from then I would say I am 95% “cured”…(better). I also don’t suffer from any of the related conditions like anxiety, constipation, being hot, waking up in the middle of the night, mis-fires, POTS, etc. I recently had a baby who is now 5 months old and I had 2 SVT’s whilst pregnant. Once because I had terrible morning sickness (lasts all day sickness) I was nauseaus for 4 months and one day I just caved in to a craving and wanted to eat a loaf of Italian bread with a hunk of mozzarella cheese and YES I DID have an SVT from it. and the second one was the night before my C-section. All the typical things that I need to avoid were present. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink, I was very nervous for the surgery and of course all the other general worry that comes along with having a baby!, I had to wake up in the middle of the night (3am) to be at the hospital by 5am and my body just cant handle all those things combined. Both times I broke it on my own thankfully. The first one I stayed super calm and actually broke it by having a bowel movement. and the one the night before the C-section broke after about 30 minutes in the car on the way to the hospital. If I follow my general guidelines, stay completely gluten free, have daily bowel movements, stay hydrated, take my vitimans, I DO NOT have any SVT’s, ever and that is a drastic difference from the way things used to be before I started making all these connections. I hope you are connecting the dots in your own life and health! Let me know!!! All the best, love and healing, Laura


      1. Laura, Congratulations on your baby. Update on me…..

        I have been able to break every SVT that I have had this past year, all being less than 1 minute. That is a wonderful new development for me. My SVT’s have been triggered 100% of the time by crouching over, whether stooping to pick something up on a full stomach, or sitting hunched over.

        I have noticed that those days that I have them is when I am not feeling up to par for whatever reason. My thoughts are, the vagus nerve get’s irritated when I crouch over and then irritates the nervous pathway in my heart. It then thumps into the SVT, and then by doing what I can to slow my heart rate down, my heart it able to find it’s natural pathway.

        Vasal Vagal maneuvers have never worked for me because I get too anxious when they don’t work and then I thrash around trying to go through all of them to get something to work, and the anxiety keeps my heart rate up.

        But here is what has worked for me 100% of the time, and I have had 1 doz very quick SVT’s this past year, so the test has been very reliable……

        Drink a very cold drink of water. Lie down on the left side and do something enjoyable like watch a happy movie, or listening to calming music, or meditate on the beauty of a nature outside the window (if there is a nice scene out there), and then breath slowly and concentrate on slowing the heart rate down. Tell yourself not to get anxious but to be calm because slowing down the heart will help it’s natural rhythm return. Converting feels wonderful and it always surprises me than I was able to convert on my own.

        I am at the point now, that I am able to get back to my regular duties immediately after the SVT, when before the SVT’s would disable my ability to have confidence for weeks afterward. I know longer feel like this condition is controlling my life.

        Thanks as always for this venue to talk about it.



  16. Hi Laura,
    I’m going to change my diet today! I have an appointment next week to talk about the ablation. I’m not so sure I want to go that route now. Thanks so much for all this wonderful information!


  17. Hi Laura,

    I have just been diagnosed with SVT, in particular, AVNRT. Which vitamins do you recommend I take? I have heard that vitamins can work wonders for SVT.



    1. To Karissa, Sherin, Andrew, Nourishmyspirit, Onaille, and anyone else in a quandary over which supplements may help their condition:
      Please do yourself a favor and take time to read my postings, particularly those of 4/26/13, 6/17/13, 6/18/13, 8/18/13, and 1/2/14. I’m not going to waste time rehashing them here, but I do believe you’ll find the answers to your questions after reading the above.
      Dr. George Blagoue


  18. Hi Laura,
    Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was considering an ablation. I took all your advice and started drinking lots of water and going gluten free. In the meantime, the electrophysiologist postponed my appointment not once but twice. I took this as a sign not to go down this road. I’m so glad I opted not to have the ablation. I’m feeling great. I hardly ever get palpitations anymore and when I do get a flutter, I go straight for a big glass of water. I’ve even went back to yoga classes! I’ve only had one episode in the past month and I was able to break it on my own. I am so grateful that I found your website when I did. I was actually looking for information on ablations when I stumbled upon your website. Funny how the universe works:-). Thank you so much for all your valuable information!!


  19. Wow! Thanks so much for all this info. I can’t wait to read more… I believe that prescription meds and surgery is not mandatory and am looking at SVT from a holistic perspective as well- I believe it is because our diets are deficient in trace minerals, and stress depletes them even more, as with adrenal issues, and energy imbalance. All the best in healing naturally! To all of us livin with SVT stay strong, remember your body is designed for health.


  20. Wow! That was a long time ago that I posted. It turned out that my SVT has since subsided after I had a spleenic artery aneurism removed. I still get minor episodes, but not as many as I used to. I also cannot touch or go near Magnesium, vitamin B12, potassium, caffeine or foods high in MSG or refined sugar. I’m back to being active again. I’ve also developed other food intolerances such as being unable to ingest lactose, gluten and foods high in fat. I’ve found that by sticking to white meats and pork and organic vegetable produce that this has helped immensely.

    Hope this can help someone too 😊


  21. Hello, Laura,
    My comment was a reply to Andrew. You’ll notice it’s immediately beneath his posting of 11/24/2013.
    I didn’t take you up on your blog offer as I didn’t feel my input was having any effect. Even today I’m reading the same questions raised by newcomers to your site. I put a lot of thought into my postings and doubt they’ve made much of a difference. Hope this clears the air.


    1. Thank you. Replys and comments are really only seen by very committed readers who take the time to scroll down and really peruse the site. A blog post would be seen by everyone as part of the main blog roll. Plus it gets emailed out to all the readers right to their inbox. I saw the value in sharing your viewpoint and still do. Offer is open, as I agree people need to hear about it as a path to healing. I think your great effort would make most sense as a main post. Let me know whatever you decide. Thank you!


  22. Sounds good, Laura, but I’m presently in the midst of getting a project off the ground that’s been in the works for several years. It’ll necessitate teaching a procedure to other dr.’s and will probably result in a university position as well. Wouldn’t want to start something to which I couldn’t give my undivided attention. If and when I can work it in I’ll contact you to see if you’re still interested. Regards, Dr. Hostility 🙂



  23. I really liked to read what you are saying, I am only 21 years old. I have SVT problems for more than 5 years ago. I really don’t want to happen again this kind of SVT and can you suggest to me , which is the best treatment for me.
    Thanks you so much


    1. Hello! Thank you for your email. Can ou download my free food and lifestyle tracker and fill it in? That is a great help to provide clues into why your SVT is happening. How is your diet? Do you eat gluten? Drink enough water? Where do you live? If you would like to set up a Free 30 minute call with me we can talk a little further!


  24. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for setting this blog up. I have really appreciated reading peoples experiences and suggestions, advice and expertise. I would also like to thank Dr GB for all that he has given to this forum / blog. Minerals is an interesting avenue for me and I will be pursuing it. It’s not easy when you think no one is listening but please be assured that people like me are. I never respond to blogs, etc. but felt I needed to on this occasion to encourage those who take the time to try and help others. When God created us, He also created everything in nature to cure our diseases if we would just wise-up and take responsibility for our bodies, diet lifestyle, etc.
    Having had a relative go from having nearly 175 blackouts a month to 0 by curing a problem called EDS by changing diet, I know the difference that foods can make.
    Thank you again.


  25. My name is Jessica 28 yrs old and I have SVT and have went to the ER more than 5 times in the last 3months and my chest was kinda hurting and some left arm pains of course first thing I thought was Heart Attack so I went to the ER and all my cardiac test come back clean and ekg clean. PCP diagnosed me with SVT, my question is does SVT cause left arm pain with chest pain when having a episode?


  26. My name is Jessica 28 yrs old and I have SVT and have went to the ER more than 5 times in the last 3months and my chest was kinda hurting and some left arm pains of course first thing I thought was Heart Attack so I went to the ER and all my cardiac test come back clean and ekg clean. PCP diagnosed me with SVT, my question is does SVT cause left arm pain with chest pain when having a episode? Thanks so much I’m so tired of racking up ER Bills


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